3 Miso-Ramen Shop You Must Visit in Sapporo


Now you know Sapporo city has a wonderful Miso-Ramen Culture. But most people have not experienced the most delicious Miso-Ramens. Here is the top three Miso-Ramens that you should eat in Sapporo.

1. Kohaku(琥張玖)

Kohaku serves the best miso-ramen in Sapporo for me.

The soup is made with not only one kind of miso but also three different kinds of miso-combained basement.

Some of you might think Miso-Ramen is similar to Miso-Soup, lightly tastes of salt which comes from White Miso, and it is basically the ordinary type of miso-ramen eaten in Sapporo.

(Actually it makes kinds of sence because the first miso-ramen was inspired from miso-ramen in the first place)

However, this ramen, tastes really reaaly differently. Since the soup is made with three types of miso and 15 kinds of ingredients such as fruits and vegetable, you can feel like you are having dinner in a expensive French restaurant.

Anyway YOU CANNOT MISS THIS when you come to Sappro.

Shop information

Kohaku has three shops in Hokkaido technically but one of three is not open these days. So I will introduce the others.

Kohaku in Atsubetsu

Adress 〒004-0033
16-8, 3chome, 3jo, Kaminopporo, Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo
Tel 011-556-8609
Time 11:00~21:00 Lunch time:11:00~14:00
(Last order:20:45)
Everyday except Tuesdays

Kohaku in Chitose

Adress 〒066-0073
on the 1st floor in Hokuto Buildings, 1-16, 3chome,hokuto, Chitose city
Tel 0123-21-8101
Time 11:00~20:00 Lunch time: 11:00~14:00
Everyday except Mondays

Tora (虎)

Tora is also a unique ramen shop similar to Kohaku.

Many ramen-lovers come from all over Japan and it is aloways crowded so much.

I think its creamy soup is a vaital role and that makes the ramen so delicious.

I’m must be bad at discribing delicious foods but trust me, this ramen is worth eating.

15-30, 3chome, 3jo, kitano, kiyota ward, sapporo city
Time11:00-14:45, 18:00-21:15
*Every Wednesday: Day time only
*Thursdays: Close

3. Sumire(すみれ)

Sumire is by far the most famous ramen shop in Sapporo. Many tourists including celebrities visit there and enjoy its ramen.

Sumire’s ramen is quite simple for me and has a lot of characteristics of Sapporo-Miso-Ramen.

If you want to experience a traditional sapporo miso ramen, sumire would be the best option for you.

7-28, 4chome, 2jo, nakanoshima, Toyohira ward, Sapporo city
Web https://www.sumireya.com/

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